“It has been a pleasure working with Absolute Fencing. They have taken students with little or no experience and turned them into very competitive and dedicated athletes. They have worked very hard and well with our students, teaching them organisational skills too. They have done an excellent job in the almost 5 years we have been with them.”
Aerene Lim Jin Hui , Chairperson of Fencing Club, National University of Singapore
“Absolute Fencing has been professional in their provision of coaching service in support to HCI (High School Section) all these while. They have gone out of their way to help in the development of the fencing team.”
Tok Aik Lin, HOD CCA, Hwa Chong Institution (High School Section)
“ I have introduced various sports to my 6 children, in hope to find a sport which could bond them further together. Although trying various sports such as badminton or table tennis, only the coaches at ABF manage to impress them and make them fall in love in fencing. I’m very impressed which the work ABF has done with my children, with 3 in the national team. ABF is now like a second family to my children, who not only take care of their performance in sports, but also their character building through sports. I truly hope that my last daughter (the 7thchildren) would soon integrate into this graceful sport once she is old enough.”
Monica Lim, Chairman of P for SST, the parents support group (SST)
“Fencing is a self-discipline game that promotes attentiveness and sportsmanship which are linked to the desired outcomes of education. It is a good way to gain motor control and, eye and hand coordination due to its demand of accuracy and precision. Fencing also improves concentration skills too. Fencing is not only a great sport for boosting one’s health and fitness through mentally demanding, it is also a fun and interesting activity that students enjoy thoroughly!”
Demetria Chang, Maris Stella High School (Primary)
“ABF is a great place because it is always welcoming and comforting. I’ve been here close to ten years too, and what strikes me as amazing is the sense of solidarity, how people share their lives beyond fencing, as close friends. ABF is a fencing club, but people there come out not just as fencer, but firm friends.”

Lan Ying Jie, Founder of Hwa Chong Fencing Team (College Section)
“ABF’s vision is to nurture the ordinary into champions. They have actually proven to be true to their vision. Indeed many have become champions in fencing in various competitions. More importantly, many are champions because the best have been brought out of them on the piste. ABF’s teaching philosophy is to bring out the champion in each of their students. To nurture each one to the best they can be in the sport of fencing. The coaches would do their utmost to accommodate the needs of their students and facilitate their growth as a fencer. Coach Wu Jie and Wenying have different coaching styles but on more ways than one, they complement each other.”

Angelina Hing, Parent of Joshua Wong
“It has been nine months since Matthew joined ABF. We like the dedicated team of coaches. In addition, we can see steady development and improvement in Matthew’s fencing skills and techniques. He enjoys going for classes and looks forward to the next fencing competition.”

Angelia Neo , Parent of Matthew Neo
“ABF is special to me because of all the amazing people there who make me feel so warm and at home, and I can train there knowing the coaches, seniors, and friends will always be there to guide and take care of me!”

Anthea Foong, Fencer | Nanyang Girls’ High School