Momentum is our intermediate level class to build on what a fencer has learnt through the Jump Start course. Conquer new techniques, develop a tactical understanding, and forge a positive competitive mindset. Be it the beginner who has just grasped his ropes, the veteran who wants a comeback, or the regular who wants to brush up his skills, Momentum has something to offer. Ride the momentum and improve as a fencer!

 “A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.”


  • Choose between two categories: Kids (under 12) and Adults (13 onwards).
  • 90 mins (Kids) / 120 mins (Adults) per lesson
  • 8 lessons in total
  • Equipment provided
  • 2 make-up lessons allowed
  • $450 nett (Kids) / $550 nett (Adults)
  • One-time registration fee of $35 for first-time members
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*A 45 minutes long trial lesson can be arranged at $50 per person.