Founded in 2006, Absolute Fencing (ABF) has come a long way. Starting with just 3 students and 2 make shift piste, we are now a club with over 100 passionate students, 8 fully decked out piste and a functional gym. Successfully producing top notch fencers that played crucial roles in bringing home medals for Singapore in major competitions.

This has all been possible through sticking to our philosophy and beliefs. Our philosophy is simple, that ordinary people can become champions. We believe that an athlete is nothing without ethics. Which is why our coaches go beyond the piste; imparting not only fencing skills but striving to inculcate core moral values, such as discipline, respect, perseverance and fortitude, in our fencers through our training programs.

With that in mind, we consistently aim to form a close-knitted relationship between members and coaches. Always welcoming new members into the family and helping them settle into the Absolute Family comfortably. Team spirit and unity are extremely important to us here at Absolute Fencing and we strive to instil them in all our students. This factor alone can make all the difference between winning and losing in a competition as team support for each and every athlete is as crucial as his own skills and determination in a competition. Alone we fall, United we soar.

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